22 October 2003

Writers are invited to take part in an exciting Worldwide Fund for Nature project to create a first class full colour, hard cover book of photographs and writing on the Tarkine wilderness, to be published by Allen and Unwin in 2004. You will be joining Tasmania's leading wilderness photographers. Details about the "Fortnight in the Tarkine" is available from Ralph Ashton, email: ralph.ashton@perspectivecontrol.com

Ralph Ashton continues with info about the book due for release in October 2004: "... [the book] will include photographs and writing [and] will be used as part of the wider effort to protect the amazing natural heritage of the Tarkine, but it will not be a "protest book" -- above all, it is a wonderfully beautiful art book ... comprising 60 to 70 first class photographs of the very diverse wilderness in the Tarkine (rivers, trees, water falls, aerial shots of vast tracts of rain forest, coastline etc) and brief pieces of prose and poetry (fewer than 500 words in most cases) on the beauty of the Tarkine wilderness by leading Tasmanian writers. The book will become not only a wonderful record of the Tarkine and its range of beauty, but also a snapshot of Tasmania's artistic community. In addition, there will be sections detailing the significance of the area in historical, scientific, aboriginal and global terms (each by a different well-known expert in those fields) and a section on alternative economic uses to mineral extraction and forestry.

Deadline for all photographs and writing by the end of November 2003

"Fortnight in the Tarkine"

" The majority of photographs and writing will be collected / inspired during the "Fortnight in the Tarkine", which is set for the 2 weeks between 25 October and 9 November. We have invited photographers and writers to be in the Tarkine at the same time during that period, creating an artistic community in the forest.

" We expect about 20 photographers and 20 writers over the fortnight.

" The 'Fortnight in the Tarkine' will be flexible. You can choose for how long you come (4 days is probably the minimum practicable period). Also, you can choose to either move around the Tarkine independently or join us at one of the base camps ..." (More info in Ralph's word doc. available if you email him at ralph.ashton@perspectivecontrol.com

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