23 October 2003

Oi oi oi

23 October, 2003

Final deadline for submissions for the Showcase of Tasmanian poetry

1. Tasmanian poets who are not yet showcased at the above site are invited to submit poetry to the editor for publication in vol.7, Showcase of Tasmanian Poetry -- see guidelines at: http://www.the-write-stuff.com.au/poetry/tasmania/2003-guidelines/index.html
2. Submissions must be made before 30 November 2003. This deadline has been extended many times and the invitation has been open for over a year now. Anyone who has not yet sent work in to the Showcase must please do so by the deadline. This will enable work to be edited and put online during the Christmas holidays.
3. When preparing your submission it is important to the editor that you please follow the guidelines at: http://www.the-write-stuff.com.au/poetry/tasmania/2003-guidelines/index.html

Thanks. I am particularly interested in representing more Launceston and northerners in general on the showcase. Maybe someone can jog their collective elbows -- in some jolly fashion.

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