24 September 2003

A snippet of a mention
North of the Latte Line sighted in a Cordite web-review. [link]

21 September 2003

Literary news
  • Great response to Poets Breakfast in Wauchope, NSW. [link]
  • Maya Angelou, 75 years old. [link]
  • Michelangelo's love poems "shot through with an inner torment". [link]
  • The Cheltenham Festival of Literature: Europe's largest literary festival [link]

18 September 2003

'Spires' is a literary/arts magazine in the USA which accepts undergraduate submissions from any college or university, anywhere. Submissions can include prose, poetry, paintings, photographs, drawings, short plays, mp3s, mpeg-4, and sheet music.
This magazine is online in PDF format at: http://www.kwur.wustl.edu/~spires/

15 September 2003

Short stories back in fashion: Republic Bar and Cafe 21 September

It's official: short stories are back in fashion, especially now that Annie Proulx has said she's giving up the novel for her love, writing short stories. Two of Annie Proulx's biggest fans in Hobart are on the bill to read from their work at the Republic Bar and Cafe on Sunday 21st September:
G.W. Robinson, winner of this year's Henry Savery Award, and

Geoff Dean, whose short stories have been translated into many languages and prescribed for school curricula nation-wide.

Voices in the trees

Launch: 4 October, Parliament Lawns at 1 p.m. Peter Cundall will launch Voices in the Trees, a compilation of songs and poetry by 12 Tasmanians, part of the 'Walk for Change' that day. There's a CD of Voices in the Trees, which Helen Gee has coordinated.

12 September 2003

Winfield and Solman today

Yip that's right, Repubic Bar and Cafe this Sunday: Liz Winfield and Stuart Solman: an event not to be missed.

9 September 2003

Literary heads and tales
  • Dylan Thomas burns in poetry festival.[link]
  • Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections scoops James Tait Memorial Prize. [link]
  • David Owen's Thylacine. [review]
  • Dog poetry. [link]
  • Exhuming Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca. [link]
  • Peter Carey's My Life as a Fake. [excerpt]

Showcase news

There are now I think over 30 poets on the Showcase of Tasmanian Poetry ... Near exhaustion, the editor asks: "Please read the guidelines before submitting work. Thanks, Anne Kellas." The guidelines are at: http://www.the-write-stuff.com.au/poetry/tasmania/2003-guidelines/ Latest addtions: Chris Cooper, Andrew Sant, and soon: Kitty Madeson.

Australian Author: Flanagan maps out a revolution for Australian publishing

The latest issue of 'Australian Author' (Aug. 2003) has a long long article by Richard Flanagan in which he maps out a revolution for Australian publishing. It's 'slightly abridged' from the keynote address he gave to the Australian Publishers Association's Book Industry Forum in Sydney on 18 June 2003. Australian Author, v.35, n.2, August 2003, pp.6-16.)

Fellowship of Australian Writers: Tas members note:

FAW's Robyn Mathison has specially asked this blog to announce the annual competition for members, poetry and short stories, deadline soon (End of October?) Accurate details from Robyn Mathison (Hobart).

Andrew Peek's 'The Calabar Transcript'

Andrew Peek's collection, also published by Five Islands Press, will be launched during the New Poets 9 Road show on Hobart on Friday 12 September at the Hobart Bookshop, 5.30 pm:

Five Islands Press: New Poets 9 -- Roadshow

The Roadshow hits Hobart on Friday 12 September at the Hobart Bookshop, 5.30 pm: Louise Oxley: Compound Eye; Helen Lambert: Venus steps out; alicia sometimes: kissing the curve; Jan Teagle Kapetas: Flight; Tric O'Heare: Tender hammers; Ross Donlon: Tightrope horizon -- and the editor Ron Pretty will be there too.

Launceston Poetry Festival

yes! It's that time of year again already ... Starting on Friday 3 October and continuing all that weekend, Launceston turns into the poetry capital of Australia. Special poetry stars this year: MTC Cronin, Stephen Edgar and Peter Bakowski ... and many many others. Details from Cameron : email: taspoetryfest@yahoo.com.au

6 September 2003

Strings attached to isolated poems

At the iniative of bass baritone Matt Dewey, a small selection of poems from 'Isolated States' by Anne Kellas has been set to music by a string quartet (some members of the Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music) I am just off to go and hear what it sounds like ... !

5 September 2003

Off-topic wanderings

Googlism.com will find out what Google.com thinks of you, your friends or anything for that matter. Try a search of Famous Reporter ...
" famous reporter is a cool little lit mag "
" famous reporter is dark and serious "
" famous reporter is a rare bird indeed "
and so on.

National Poetry Week initiative

Forwarded from a posting made to the AUSTLIT list by Jayne Fenton Keane, Director, National Poetry Week, http://www.nationalpoetryweek.com and http://www.poetinresidence.com

To: "JFK" jfk@poetinresidence.com
Subject: Notes to a Stranger. The Original Note
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 17:07:07 +1000

Notes to a Stranger.
The Original Note that was circulated.
Please circulate and participate.
Apologies if you have already received this.

I'm inviting you to take part in a performance poetry event of a different kind between the 7-14th September.
All activities will be published on the website and possible future anthology.
Your mission is to write a note to a stranger in the sleeve of one of your poetry books/CDs, or a poetry book written by someone else, and to leave the book/CD in a public place for a stranger to pick up.
Your notes will be published in 'Notes to a Stranger' on the National Poetry Week website, as will one of the poems of your choice from the book. Pass this mission on to anyone who is adventurous enough to try it! Please register by completing the snippet below. After the event you can let me know if there were any changes. The press will be warned but the public won't!

Poet's mission file:

accept the National Poetry Week mission
scheduled between the 7-14th September, 2003
Anticipated time of book/CD departure: ...
Anticipated place of book/CD departure (place, city, state, Country): ...
Name of book/CD: ...
Author of Book: ...
Year of publication: ...
Publisher's details: ...
Contents of note: ...
Any comments about the mission: ...

Makes sense to you? Good.

book launch: 'Hey Joe'

Hobart Bookshop
5.30 for 6.00 pm Monday September 22

Michael Hyde's 'Hey Joe' (Vulgar Press)
("the first book to tell the story of the Vietnam War from our side")

launched by Jim Bacon

launch of Kathryn Lomer's collection 'Extraction of Arrows'

Thursday 4th Sept, at Hobart Bookshop

Kathryn responded to Sarah Day's generous launch speech by suggesting that if champagne is the ritual for launching ships, then she's just experienced the equivalent of Dom Perignon cast over the bows of her book. "Sarah is a wonderful example," Kathryn continued, "of someone who succeeds at teaching, mothering, at her poetry and editing and many many other things … it was in her role as editor of 'Island' when she asked for the poem 'everyday ophelia' for publication in 'Island' magazine that was pivotal in helping me to take my writing seriously. Sarah stood in for me at 'Island's' launch and read it for me … and I wish I'd been there!"

"With the evolving of this collection I need to pay tribute to many people ... to Deb Westbury who was the facilitator of a poetry manuscript workshop at Varuna in 2001 which gave me confidence to put my collection out there and to eventually send it to UQP."

"Others I'd like to thank include Louise Oxley - a constant friend and writing buddy and valuable critic and much more besides. And to Louise and Adrienne Eberhard, for their involvement in our small writing group of three - in fact, I don't know if I can call it a 'group', I did look up 'group' in the dictionary and it said it was anything over two so perhaps it's right to do so … a group that offers enthusiasm and enjoyment, not only for writing but way beyond. Liz Winfield who over the years has gently - and not so gently - pushed me to go 'outside my comfort zone'. I think it was at Liz's Republic Readings that I first read my poetry in public, and she helped with my collaboration with Christine Scott for National Poetry Day last year."

"My particular thanks go to Lyn Reeves for her encouragment through the Moorilla Readings, who helped me survive Sydney Writers' Festival last year … thank you."

"Lastly I'd like to thank my son Cormac. It's timely that this launch is being held on the fourth of September, because it's Cormac's birthday tomorrow, he turns five. Many of the poems in this collection have to do with him, and if I can quote from the title poem of the collection, 'Extraction of Arrows':

You see, I've been given a second chance
to pay attention to details.
I'm learning the names of whales,
seahorses, sharks and frogs,
parts of insects, leaves and fish,
all about waves and why there are rainbows;
everything is suddenly equally important.

… which is how I feel, as if I've been given a second chance, to pay attention to details, and to see them through a child's eyes. Thank you for coming."

(Editor's note: Kathryn thanked many others too, but I regret I couldn't keep up with her, didn't have my tape recorder with me.

Phew ... lots to read at ...

Jo Wade's web site.

4 September 2003

Kathryn Lomer book launch today

Kathryn Lomer's first collection, Extraction of Arrows (UQP) is being launched by Sarah Day at the Hobart Bookshop today, 5.30 pm.

National Poetry Week event: Sunday 7 September August 3-5pm

Sunday 7 September August 3-5pm
National Poetry Week Celebration at the Republic Bar and Cafe - corner of Burnett and Elizabeth Sts. North Hobart
Curated by Michael Fortescue
Be a part of the poetry community and help celebrate National Poetry Week by reading one of your own poems and one other, by another person, that is important to you.

2 September 2003

Literary news abroad
  • Behind-the-scenes Man Booker gossip. [link]
  • Stephanie Johnson's Moody Bitch: Poems of the Last Two Decades [review]
  • New US Poet Laureate Louise Gl├╝ck's apprenticeship to 'the great dead'. [link]

Short story competitions to enter in 2019

Thanks to the Australian Writers Centre, here's a list of s hort story competitions to enter in 2019: https://www.writerscentre.com.au/...