1 August 2003

This Sunday's Republic Readings, at the Republic Bar and Cafe in North Hobart, 3 August 3-5pm, is the start of the second 2003 series of readings, and is being curated by Ryk Goddard (of IS Theatre). "Sit back in the warm and experience the latest in Tasmanian text for performance. Short bursts of x-art form; poetic and performance. Readings of new theatrical texts, or theatrical readings of new texts.By Ellen Blackman, Ede Strong, Rob Scotney, Ryk Goddard, Sarah Duffus and surprise guests.. Keep informed of what's coming up each Sunday by getting onto Chris Cooper's e-list.

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Is the system being gamed, and "Does Australia Need an ICAC for Poetry?"

Does Australia Need an ICAC for Poetry?  David Musgrave's article in Southerly is not new, but it's worth reading if you missed it....