31 August 2003

National Poetry Week is hotting up:
The Republic Bar and Cafe - corner of Burnett and Elizabeth St. North Hobart, is hosting an open-mike afternoon of poetry on Sunday, 7 September: everyone's invited to read, and there's some kind of prize for the top two poems judged to be the top two poems, something like that ... Not sure who's organising it but it is sure to be happening and worth coming along to watch/listen/read ... Sunday, 7 September: 3-5 p.m.

9 October 2003: The Poet's Republic, edited by Liz Winfield, poet and long-time organiser of the Republic Readings Series, is to be launched at Hobart Bookshop by Anne Kellas at 5. 30 p.m. This is the first of a bimonthly broadsheet published by Walleah Press. Contributors receive $5 in postage stamps and everyone else receives the document gratis. Inquiries to: The Poet's Republic, email: leggs 456 @ msn. com (get rid of the spaces and the address will work, gotcha spammers!)

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