23 July 2003

The Republic Readings
Next reading: Sunday 27th July: Featured poet: Pete Hay
And it's going to be unusual: it's also national tree day and that might be why the reading will include a knitted poem by poets in the audience; and everyone is encouraged to bring some knitting along and create tree hugs to help save the Styx Forest ... I think that is the idea, I don't have any info in front of me. Sounds original anyway so come along.
The Republic Readings are a series of curated readings in all genres. Upcoming curators are: Ryk Goddard, Richard, Bladel and Lindsay Simpson. To be placed on an email news list for reminders and details about the readings, get in touch with Chris Cooper

And for some reason I see that blogger did not put up my notice about last Sunday's reading, given by Louise Oxley and Adrienne Eberhard. If you missed this fine event, look out at your favourite literary bookshop: both these Tasmanian poets have new books on the horizon!

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