15 July 2003

From poet Chris Mansell:
INDIA: A Writers & Photographers Workshop Tour of Rajasthan
Departs: Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane/Perth: 18 November 2003
Completes: Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane/Perth: 04 December 2003
Among the many colourful regions of India, the state of Rajasthan stands out for its splendour and variety. It includes rocky hill ranges, lakes, lush fields, vast expanses of desert, tracts of forest and pasture. The people of Rajasthan are a melange of tribes, clans and castes as varied as the terrain. Into the state they have poured a continuous stream of folklore and legend, craft, music and architecture.
Rajasthan (which means The Abode of Princes) is also the cradle of the distinctive Rajput tradition. The Rajput code of chivalry, which celebrates valour and generosity in men and fidelity and modesty in women, may strike visitors as quaint and anachronistic, but its roots lie deep in the heart of Rajasthan. The cultural products of this tradition- the magnificent cities, palaces and fortresses, its patronage of the arts and crafts, remain to invite admiration and provoke reflection.
On this tour we will visit these incredible cities, forts and palaces- including the Taj Mahal. But we will also meet the people, explore the markets, absorb the atmosphere and the solitude of the desert. This tour has been designed for both writers and photographers. You will experience the exotic atmosphere of Rajasthan, feel inspired by the many smells, sights and scenes of this exotic destination and fall in love with its people. In addition you may attend six two-hour Writers Workshops led by Chris Mansell and/or participate in guided Photo Walks accompanied by Riche du Plessis.

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