28 July 2003

The e-zine 'Snow Monkey' is also a print journal. The editor, Kathryn Rantala, also publishes e-books when she has a theme in mind.
'Snow Monkey' is interested in eclectic, experimental, well-written short stories and poems. Women writers interested in contributing to her e-books are encouraged, as at present there is an over-abundance she says of male writers' submissions to the mag, and she wishes to add an evenness of experiences, of representation to her books. For more information on 'Snow Monkey' contact the Editors, Snow Monkey PO Box 127
Edmonds, WA 98020 USA; You may also send text-only submissions (no attachments or HTML) to submissions@ravennapress.com.

Alison adds that another ezine - Adirondack Review -- is worth checking out.

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