28 July 2003

Don't forget the launch of Famous Reporter, Tues 29 July at Hobart Bookshop, 5.30 pm; includes the launch of 'A Tasmanian Paradise Lost', the latest collection from Graeme Hetherington; both are publications of Ralph Wessman's Walleah Press.

You are cordially invited to celebrate the launch of 'The Girl in the Golden House' by John Biggs, (Pandanus Press, 2003). To be launched by its publisher, Ian Templeton of Canberra-based Pandanus Books, at Fuller’s Bookshop, 2 p.m., Sunday 24 August 2003. 'Chris Wong is brought up to believe that if he studies hard, he will find his golden house and the right girl to share it with him. But his sexual awakening is complicated by the political realities of modern Hong Kong and traditional Chinese beliefs on love, marriage and career. He finds that when Chinese and Westerners fall in love, their different view of sex and commitment all too easily lead to misunderstanding and pain. 'The Girl in the Golden House' presents a mesmerizing picture of Hong Kong, distilling its atmosphere and the culture of its people.'

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