19 June 2003

Poems Niederngasse is always worth visiting -- "online in English, new work every month; online in German, Spanish and Italian, new work every other month". NB: Issue 58, June 2003 of now available and Tasmanian Alison Daniel is one of the 16 poets featured in that June issue.

Literary Kicks is for those nostalgic for the Beat Generation: "Litkicks has been around since July 23, 1994, and we're still here. We never had a business model, which is why we don't have to go out of business now." And talking of Beats:

This blog previously mentioned "Hydrogen Jukebox", the opera by Philip Glass who collaborated with Allen Ginsberg using some of his poems as its lyrics; it was performed recently at Hobart College under the direction of Robert Jarmon with members of the Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music -- see the review online in RealTime magazine. "Rarely performed, 'Hydrogen Jukebox' has a reputation for being difficult, but this production moved seamlessly from poem/trance to musical lightning strike across a canvas of controversial, confronting territory—political propaganda and anti-war feeling, personal anguish and sexual politics, religious and cultural dissonance, so content-rich and energetic it left me gasping. (link) Incidentally, did you know that Tasmanian poet Sue Moss is Realtime's Tasmanian editor?

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