2 June 2003

Famous Reporter
The launch of the very special mid-year issue of Famous Reporter (#27) is coming up in July at venues in Tasmania -- and Ralph Wessman, as its publisher (Walleah Press), is also taking Famous Reporter magazine to NSW! here are the dates and venues:

* Sydney: 18 July
Friend in Hand Hotel, Glebe, launch by Brook Emery;

* Newcastle: 21 July
Northern Star Hotel, Hamilton, launch by Robin Loftus;

* Launceston: 23 July
at 6 p.m. for 6.30 p.m., Petrarchs Bookshop;

* Hobart: 29 July
6 p.m. at Hobart Bookshop, launch by Stephen Edgar.

(PS. I am not supposed to say this, but one of the reasons this issue's very special is that the magazine launch also coincides with Ralph's 50th birthday.)

Another Walleah Press production:
A Tasmanian Paradise Lost, by Graeme Hetherington
Published by Ralph Wessman's Walleah Press, this new collection from Graeme will be launched in Tasmania at the same time as Famous Reporter
* at Petrarchs in Launceston by Tim Thorne, and
* at Hobart Booshop by Ralph Spaulding.

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