24 May 2003

Les Murray on ABC radio's MUSIC SHOW with Andrew Ford
10 am Sat 24/05/03
The Song Company sings Les Murray, and Les Murray tells us what he thinks. Also, Composer Andrew Schultz and librettist Gordon Williams preview their cantata, 'Journey to Horseshoe Bend'.

The Poetry of Trash: Rosalie Gascoigne
With her very distinctive and poetic assemblages of found objects, Rosalie Gascoigne was one of Australia's most accomplished and recognised visual artists. Holding her first exhibition at the age of 57, Gascoigne rapidly shot to prominence and continued to create and exhibit her extraordinary assemblages until her death in the late ‘90s. Stephen Feneley interviewed Rosalie Gascoigne in 1997, on the occasion of a major retrospective of her work at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. (Hobart readers of this blog may be interested to know that journalist/writer and now science lobbyist Toss Gascoigne is her son.)

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