11 April 2003

Here is an opportunity for prose writers:
(forwarded from an email message to the Write Stuff)

>Dear Peace workers
>As part of my 'Writing For Publication' course, I am working on a 'Writing
>For Peace' project which will be a collection of stories showing the
>detriment of war. I will then endeavour to have this collection published
>as a book with a message of peace. (I have yet to think of a title for the
>Therefore I invite those of you who feel inspired to write, to submit a
>story for this project. As a guide line, my own contribution is 5,700 words
>but the word count for submissions may be much less than this (or slightly
>more). The theme is 'how war has affected you or your life, either directly
>or indirectly'. It is not an intellectual history piece that I am looking
>for, but rather a piece from the heart. Nor am I looking for stories that
>*directly* answer this question. It may include experiences as a military
>person or a military person from your family/circle (but not essential). As
>stated earlier, my aim is to show the detriment of war - that this
>collection become a book with a peace activist message.
>Submissions to be in by Wed 30th April 2003
> moonfox@chariot.net.au
>Writing for Peace
>PO Box 598
>Lyndoch SA 5351

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