25 April 2003

Catch up with Karen Knight in the latest issue of Poam, the Melbourne Poets Union newsletter, interview section.

14 April 2003

Sparx magazine is a free cultural magazine published every two months in the Illawarra Region across 4 local government areas of NSW. The magazine involves partnership between young people, artists, the environmental, youth and cultural programs of four local governments, cultural organisations such as the writers centre, regional museums and the Wollongong City Gallery as well as the local community. The magazine's focus is arts, youth, culture and environment. The production of the magazine is funded by the NSW Ministry for the Arts Illawarra Arts Strategy and involves an outreach program as well as a mentor/mentoree program, providing youth arts skills development and employment for 12 young artists. In addition to the employment of young people on the project, it will travel to regional youth centres to run skills development sessions in magazine writing, design and layout within the strategy resources, thus providing direct skills benefits to a cross section of regional youth. This Outreach Program involves working on site with youth centres and schools in developing sections of the magazine. The process will involves the writers, photographers and graphic designers working young people during one-day intensive production workshops using the latest portable, digital media equipment. At first a print media project, the project is looking to extend to strategies for broadcast: radio and television and online segments with regional youth.
When: Thursday 17th April Time: 10am to 1.30pm (lunch will be provided)
Where: The Performance Workshop, Casula Powerhouse, 1 Casula Rd, Casula
RSVP: Cate Furey, Youth Program Manager, Community Cultural Development NSW ph: 02 9821 2210, fax: 02 9821 3460 or cate@ccdnsw.org (RSVP essential)
Check out http://www.ccd.net

11 April 2003

Here is an opportunity for prose writers:
(forwarded from an email message to the Write Stuff)

>Dear Peace workers
>As part of my 'Writing For Publication' course, I am working on a 'Writing
>For Peace' project which will be a collection of stories showing the
>detriment of war. I will then endeavour to have this collection published
>as a book with a message of peace. (I have yet to think of a title for the
>Therefore I invite those of you who feel inspired to write, to submit a
>story for this project. As a guide line, my own contribution is 5,700 words
>but the word count for submissions may be much less than this (or slightly
>more). The theme is 'how war has affected you or your life, either directly
>or indirectly'. It is not an intellectual history piece that I am looking
>for, but rather a piece from the heart. Nor am I looking for stories that
>*directly* answer this question. It may include experiences as a military
>person or a military person from your family/circle (but not essential). As
>stated earlier, my aim is to show the detriment of war - that this
>collection become a book with a peace activist message.
>Submissions to be in by Wed 30th April 2003
> moonfox@chariot.net.au
>Writing for Peace
>PO Box 598
>Lyndoch SA 5351

9 April 2003

The Showcase of Tasmanian Poetry is being featured on local radio (University of Tasmania) at 2 p.m. today, and in the online independent newspaper, The Tasmanian Times, this week.
For prose writers in Tasmania:

Storyglossia, an online literary magazine focusing on short stories, recently published its premier issue.

Submissions are now being read for the second issue. Full submission guidelines are available at: http://www.storyglossia.com/guidelines.html

" If I get enough quality submissions I would consider putting out a special issue dedicated to Tasmanian writers, " says its editor Steven J. McDermott after correspondence with Anne Kellas.

Storyglossia's contact details are:
Steven J. McDermott, editor, Storyglossia
6500 Ambrosia LN Apt 1729
Carlsbad CA 92009 USA
Email: smcd@wolfenet.com

6 April 2003

Congratulations to Kathryn Lomer for winning this year's Gwen Harwood poetry prize.

Short story competitions to enter in 2019

Thanks to the Australian Writers Centre, here's a list of s hort story competitions to enter in 2019: https://www.writerscentre.com.au/...