7 March 2003

OK I got it wrong: I was told James had won but in fact he says he came equal second ... with whom he was not told, nor was he told who did win the Anne Elder award ... (Maybe someone will let the Latte Line know -- thanks.

On another note, tonight I spent some time reading a collection of essays by Shakespearean scholar Frank Kermode -- and was surprised to find one on Ern Malley. Apparently Kermode was here (well not here, but in Australia) in the last months of the second world war and met AD Hope and the young James McAuley, Max Harris too, and as it turns out, maybe knew some things Michael Heyward didn't. How things connect ... degrees of separation. I think I will skip the essay on 'the new historicity' though. ('Jacket' had a good feature on fake literature recently.)

Wonderful to see Liz Winfield so well launched into print.

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