26 February 2003

A poem for Howard
text of an email forwarded by The Poets Union

Poets across the world are organising a world wide day of protest on
March 5. All around the world, poets will deliver anti-war poems to
their governments.

Sam Hamill, editor of Copper Canyon Press in the US, has collected
more than 10,000 poems in protest, which will be presented to the
White House on that day. UK poems will be presented to Downing

The poems, and more information about this protest, can be found at
http://www.poetsagainstthewar.org and

As the demonstrations in Melbourne, Sydney and countless other cities
and towns across Australia showed recently, Australian involvement in
the possible war on Iraq is deeply unpopular and cuts across many
political and social divides. We are hoping for a strong
representation from Australian poets.

Poets who wish to send their poems to the Australian Government on
that day should email poems, by 3 March, to Alison Croggon, at
acroggon@bigpond.com. Please paste poems into the body of the email
and do not send attached documents, as these will not be opened.

Anyone who can help with organisational business should contact
Alison on the above address. And please pass this message on to
anybody who might be interested.

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