17 January 2003

Sad day in Hobart

Vale Liz Dean ...

It is with great sadness that this weblog reports that Elizabeth Dean, writer, essayist, reviewer and long-time supporter of the writing community in Tasmania, died yesterday in Hobart (16/01/2003) after a battle with cancer. Her work with writers young and old, with writing organisations, with publishers and with the Montpelier Press, and with countless other people and organisations in this State, make her irreplaceable. She is lovingly remembered and will be sorely missed; extending here deepest sympathy to her relatives and friends.

Margaret Scott has lost her house in a fire
Tragically, also on 16/01/2003, Margaret Scott's home on the Peninsula burnt down; she has lost everything including her valuable library, her precious books, manuscripts. Dr Scott was in hospital in Hobart at the time of the fire; her son escaped uninjured. Poet and friend Andrew Sant said on local radio this morning that the local writing community were rallying to find ways to support Dr Scott in this crisis.

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