2 January 2003

The next literary event in Hobart is the launch of issue #26 of Famous Reporter, which is combined with the launch of the next issue of Overland (#169)
The launch by Amanda Lohrey
will take place at Hobart Book Shop, Salamanca Place, at 5.30 pm on 9 January. Meet Overland editor Ian Syson and Famous Reporter editor, Ralph Wessman.

Famous Reporter #26

In this issue (December 2002):
Rita Summers, Ernest Berry, Jenny Barnard, Peter Macrow, Jim Arkell, Christina Kirkpatrick, Owen Bullock, Nicholas Barwell, Colleen Z. Burke, Dietmar Tauchner, Ross Figgins, H. Gene Murtha and Tony Beyer

Tim Thorne, Anne Morgan, Liz Winfield, Mary Jenkins, Anthony Lawrence, Colin Berry, Lionel Abrahams, John Kidd, Andrew Peek, Susan Stanford, Lynn Gunning, Shane McCauley, Carolyn Finlay, John Low, Colleen Z. Burke, Jane Williams, Martin R Johnson, Liam Ferney, Norma Knight, Jacqui Street, Graham Hetherington, Barney Roberts, Peter Macrow, Kerry Scuffins, Dee Gibson, Wendy Morgan, Paul Hardacre, Paola Bilbrough, Kate Middleton, Jan Owen, Michael Ariston, Claire Gaskin, Gina Mercer, Saxby Pridmore, Jude Aquilina, Ouyang Yu, Laurie Brinklow, Helen Gee, John West, Jenny Barnard, Graham Catt, alicia sometimes, Margaret Campbell, Zoltan Kovacs, Fiona Preston, Elena Knox, David Lumsden, Roland Leach, Sheila Burchill, Jennifer Furst, Bill Cotter, Michael Farrell, Liz Kirby, Michael Sharkey, Jeff Guess, Mary Hudson-Ewington, Anne Kellas, Billy Jones and Margaret Scott

Reviews of collections and books:
Warrick Wynne, Jill Jones, Moorilla Mosaic, Michael Sharkey, Victoria Rigney, Graeme Hetherington and John West

Dominic Fox
Michael Sharkey

Articles and prose:
Lawrence Upton, Barry Chipman, Annie Willock, John Ward, Gretta Beveridge, Anne Scott and Anne Kellas

Paola Bilbrough interviewed by Kate Middleton

Launch speeches:
Anthony Lawrence (launch of Island #89)
Arch Flanagan (Martin Flanagan's novel In Sunshine or in Shadow)
Stephen Edgar (Anthony Lawrence's collection Skinned by Light)
Jean Flanagan (MML Bliss' novel Legend)
Wal Eastman (Merridy Eastman's There's a Bear in There)
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Overland #169

With the theme: 'Sydney or the Bush', this issue pays tribute to Dorothy Hewett, Australia's most important post-war female writer and a much-loved, larger-than-life presence.

Ian Syson writes:
' [ Overland 169] also features Bob Ellis's Overland lecture, 'The Age of Spin', in which Ellis delivers his customary blend of anger and humour in a powerful polemic against rhetoric of the 'war on terror' and its obscene justifications of mass murder, xenophobia and cruelty;
' Overland 169 features a series of previously unpublished letters by Xavier Herbert written on the overland trail from Brisbane to Darwin ;
' David Carter discusses the decline in English cultural influence in Australia and Michael Leach looks at the remains of Australian socialism's great heroic failure, the utopian Paraguayan experiment;
' John Kinsella writes about the cultural tensions˜literary and concrete˜between the city and the Bush;
' Nathan Hollier, Dennis Glover, Joanne Scanlan and Alicia Sometimes consider the significance of the Whitlam era and the vestiges of 'true belief'.
' This issue presents a laugh-a-minute story by Melissa Lucashenko that affectionately ribs the authentic Indigenous vernacular, and essays by Fay Zwicky, Tony Birch, Enza Gandolfo and Jeff Sparrow on the books that changed their lives * Still only $12, the quarterly literary journal also features Overland's regular review section of Australian titles, and poetry, fiction and dialogue. '
(Source: email, Ian Syson, to the AUSTLIT email discussion list, austlit@lists.vicnet.net.au, Date: Wed, 01 Jan 2003 12:23:06 +1100)
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