12 October 2002

Praise for Tasmanian-based magazine, Famous Reporter:

Lionel Abrahams writes to the editor: ..." It's a famous medium to be placed in. After dipping and picking I began reading straight through and am finding more and more that I like immensely. At p.48 I've enjoyed many haiku and the review of Lyn Reeves [relative closeness to Japan inspires?] and poems by Lowe, Ryan, Sharkey, Joris. The variety is striking. And in the whole journal, the fine presentation is striking, the beautiful intriguing cover painting, the range of genres and of approaches and issues, combined with a healthy strong sense of belonging to Tasmania and serving its cultural life. (I envy this spirit. It's lacking here (South Africa): we have an annual Heritage Day and a vulgarly named Proudly South African movement aimed at fattening our economy especially tourism - yet, eg, the half-hour weekly book reviewing programme on our flagship English language radio channel condescends perhaps 1/20th of its time to notice new local writing of a literary nature: the rest goes largely on the popular international fare that the bookshops are turning over anyway.)

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